Cuckoo Castle

Cuckoo Castle

A tiny Metroidvania on your gameboy.

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Cuckoo Castle is a mini-metroidvania made for the 4th edition of the #gbjam . In Cuckoo Castle you take control of a lonely knight seeking to defeat the evil force that resides in the Cuckoo Castle, an enormous castle that appeared out of nowhere.

Rescue new heroes and battle your way to the highest tower of the Castle.

  • project name: Cuckoo Castle
  • Event: GBJAM 2015
  • Timeline: 1 week
  • Platform(s): HTML5 
  • Responsibilities: Programmer / Game Designer
  • Game Engine: Construct 2

For this Gameboy Jam I teamed up with the artist Diane de Wilde and music composer Shannon Mason. We had a week to create a game within the constraints of a gameboy. That means: 4 colors and a 160x144 display resolution. Of course we bent the rules a little, the gameboy would never have enough processing power for all those particles and light effects we used. The feeling of playing a gameboy game was the important part. And I think we nailed that!

We built Cuckoo Castle in a week and to this day it's still one of those projects I'm most proud of. It's a tiny metroidvania adventure and we even included 2 boss battles! For this project I put on the programmer and designer hat. I built a metroidvania ‘room’ system and designed the whole game world with it. The lighting effects are programmed to be part of the room system, so every room could have it’s own light, ambience and even weather.

Some nostalgia implementations I'm most proud of: a minimap, enemy name tags, floating damage text and of course the dracula bossbattle with a big nod to Castlevania.

At the end of Gameboy Jam the community will cast their votes to elect the winner. To our great surprise, Cuckoo Castle won!

The Knight, the Witch & the Bugmeister?

You start the game with the knight, a simple character with a sword. As you progress through the castle you can unlock 2 other characters: the witch and the bugmeister. These other characters were a lot of fun to implement. The witch even has a little cat that follows her around

Gameboy Template

After entering in Gameboy jam a few times now I've decided to make a Construct template that has everything set up to get started. 

If you want to have a look at the template source, you can download it after become a supporter on my Patreon.